Kenya Destinations Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs, Samburu, and Shaba are three reserves that are very similar. Buffalo Springs is known for its excellent leopard sightings and offers good wildlife viewing of most big safari animals.

On the outskirts of the reserve, Samburu pastoralists live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, and a visit to a traditional homestead is highly recommended.

Wildlife Highlights

Several dry-country adapted mammals can be found here that aren’t found in most Kenyan parks. The reticulated giraffe is a common species with a striking pattern. The Beisa oryx is well adapted to arid environments. With its elongated neck, the gerenuk can stand on its hind legs and nibble on difficult-to-reach leaves. Both the common Burchell’s zebra and the larger Grevy’s zebra live in the same area.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

Buffalo Springs doesn’t get much rain and can be visited all year, but the best time to see wildlife is during the dry season, which runs from June to October. The vegetation is sparse at this time, and animals congregate around predictable water sources. April is the wettest month of the year, which makes wildlife viewing more difficult.