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Zambia, like the butterfly it resembles, is flamboyant and modest at the same time, with its obvious attractions frequently overshadowing more hidden gems.

Take, for example, the world-famous Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site created by the strong Zambezi River, whose beauty draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. Rivers, on the other hand, define this country, pouring over rocky outcrops or rushing through deep crevices in the Rift Valley, creating their own natural beauty apart from the throng.

The wildlife, which is protected within some of Africa’s greatest national parks, spreads out from the rivers. The Lower Zambezi and the South Luangwa are well-known, with perennial water sources that attract animals, especially at the conclusion of the dry season.

Guests explore on foot, by 4WD, or by boat from tiny, often privately owned lodges. Each excursion is a thrill, each animal sighting unique, accompanied by some of the top safari guides in the world, with exceptional experience of walking safaris.

The wildlife, as well as the guides, are not limited to these parks. Consider the enormous Kafue, the lonely North Luangwa, or the totally off-the-grid Liuwa Plain, the King of Barotseland’s ancient hunting grounds. Make your way to Kasanka for the yearly bat migration, or to the Bangweulu Wetlands to see the prehistoric-looking shoebill in its papyrus marshes.

Thrills can also take on many forms. Bungee leaps, gorge swings, and rafting compete with gentler flights over Livingstone’s “Flight of Angels” at the Victoria Falls. Canoe trips, possibly down the Zambezi, are as thrilling, with hippos and crocodiles aplenty.

Other hidden gems include an English country home with rampaging stone lions and a royal lake, and the settlement of Chitambo, where Livingstone’s heart is buried beneath a stone cross. It’s perhaps fitting that the tribute to this most historic of persons is the most basic of all the attractions.

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