What makes us Unique?

Regarding to our long term experience in organizing Safari to Tanzania we come across and discover that many people go on Safari in East Africa National Parks and spend too much time taking pictures while on safari and they miss to spend their time and enjoy the rhythm of Africa while on game drives.

For those who are not able to carry huge cameras while coming on Safari to Tanzania or any other country in East Africa, Cross to Africa Safaris gives you the opportunity of enjoying your safari trip with Professional Photographer under no extra charges. Our Professional Photographer will be taking all the nice pictures in entire trip for you and set you free to enjoy every moment while on Safari. At the end of each safari our Professional photographer will share all the photos to each client to take back home with them ether by flash drive or memory cards.

Our goals here is to give our clients time to enjoy their moment while on safari with us apart from been busy taking pictures and miss the great moment while on the game drive.

We understand that it doesn’t feel good when your driver guide trying to show you a certain animal who is very far away from your vehicle and your camera is not big enough to take clear pictures while the next vehicle with other tourist from completely different safari outfitters they have nice and good cameras for taking pictures. We have the solution for you! Cross to Africa Safaris will provide you the professional photographer with professional cameras during your trip to Tanzania and make you feel at home.

Special for

Photographer Travelers.

Participating in a safari to East Africa is high on the list of experiences for many wildlife photographers. Whether you’re a first-time traveler to East Africa or a seasoned pro, there are universal challenges to be addressed in the planning and execution of your trip.

We spend roughly 15 year in East Africa photographic Safaris. What we will share with you comes from a background of hard-earned experience. Our Local professional Driver guides born and raised in Tanzania. They have a deep love for the country, its people and the stunning array of wilderness locations to photograph. The year 2018 officially marks 16th year of leading photographic safaris to Tanzania, so it’s with great pleasure that we write this article dedicated to photographing wildlife in Tanzania.

It can be done with a conventional company but if getting good safari wildlife pictures is important to you then you will benefit tremendously by choosing a dedicated photography safari operator. Here’s why…

These are our top four recommendations where you will be able to find awe inspiring wildlife photo opportunities…

Packing Tips

Make sure your camera bag is within airline-size standards, and never put your big lens in checked baggage. That goes for main camera bodies and medicine, as well. Ask yourself, “If my checked baggage is lost, can I still have a successful photo safari?” Your camera bag will be heavy, but don’t look like you’re struggling with it. Smile and be polite to the airline staff.

Choosing Accommodations

when it comes to your choice of accommodations, there are hotels, luxury lodges and permanent or mobile tented camps. All will have comfortable beds, in-suite bathrooms and showers, laundry facilities, attentive staff and good food. With prior notice, the cooks can accommodate dietary needs.

Camps operate off of generator and solar power. If there are specific hours of operation, they will do their best to accommodate photo groups’ charging needs. Most equipment we bring charges at both 110- and 220-volt. East Africa uses the UK plug style with its three big square prongs. Keep in mind that people will have lots of the same equipment, so it can be difficult to identify your gear at a community charging station. Put a colored sticker on each piece of electronic gear. Most accommodations also will have some form of Internet access.

More Vehicle Space

Photo safari operators restrict the amount of people allowed in a game drive vehicle as opposed to conventional companies which try to cram as many people in as comfortably possible.

Less people per vehicle has the benefits of allowing you access to both sides of the car with your camera to use a rest (very important), minimizes the risk of camera shake because of other passenger movements and leaves lots of space for you to spread out all your photo gear.

Game Drive Pacing

Patience is a pre-requisite in wildlife photography and once you’ve found a suitable subject you need to stick with it for a while to get the best results.

Photographic safari drivers understand this and so will fellow photographer passengers, but on a conventional trip the driver is under pressure from non-photographer passengers to find other wildlife quickly, so they can’t stay at a particular sighting for very long. As a consequence, your photography efforts will suffer.

Tanzania safari vehicle with Refrigerator