A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking.  The balance is due 45 days before commencement of the tour program.  If the reservation is made within 45 days of departure the whole amount must be paid at the time of confirmation.

 We accept all major credit cards as well as debit cards trough PesaPal. An invoice will be sent to you when you are ready to start the booking process with Cross to Africa Safaris.

Payments and Protection:

We mainly receive payments online through PesaPal direct from our website. Wire transfer can also be made to our company  bank accounts in Arusha Town where our sales office is located. All payments should be in USA currency (USD). Paying through PesaPal, you can be sure that your money is 100% protected.

Fraud prevention:

Contact us if anything seems suspicious so we can help you protect yourself from fraudulent charges against your account. When you are ready to book your tour, an invoice will be sent to you for you to complete the booking process.

Our Safari Vehicles:

Four wheel drive (4WD), Toyota Land Cruiser. Maximum number of passengers is 5 per safari vehicle, 6 passengers for extended safari vehicle, and guarantee window seat for every passenger.

Airline schedules may change and flights may be delayed or cancelled for a range of reasons, including but not limited to bad weather, air traffic control delays, strikes, technical disruptions, network changes and late inbound aircraft.

Accordingly, Cross to Africa Safaris does not guarantee that the airline will be able to carry you and your baggage in accordance with the date and time of the flights specified in your booking and is not responsible for any flight changes/delays/cancellations. Please contact us immediately if anything changes on your departure date after application.

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