Why travel with us

The Cross to Africa Safaris Concept

We chose our company name “Cross to Africa Safaris” for the objective of a coming together of thousands of visitors to East  Africa to experience a distinct destination, vision or particular interest. Africa is a richly diverse continent attracting people for a variety of reasons, from a wilderness love of natural scenic beauty, flora and fauna, to an appreciation of the spiritual value of different tribal interactions, history and attitudes. Cross to Africa Safaris is a lodestone for nature-seeking travelers in pursuit of a thoroughly unspoiled combination of all that African tourism has to offer in terms of culture, wildlife and activities from the point of view of her own people.

At Cross to Africa Safaris, we began with a devotion to the conservation of environment and wildlife in the wonderful wildernesses of Eastern Africa with its rich flora and fauna, and its sustainable development as a natural paradise contributing to the preservation of wildlife and the empowerment of local communities
Our uncompromising, dedicated and quality-driven personalized services include but are not limited to:
  • East Africa destination offerings and promotion of tourism to the region
  • Tailor-made and customized programs
  • Wildlife safari organization to game parks recognized internationally or to ones that are untouched and rarely frequented
  • Superior guided tours by natives of the region
  • Lodges, camps, hotels and airline reservations that make up our programs
  • Outdoor activities outfitter provided by experienced personnel from a native perspective

Quality of Guide, Camp/Lodge & Complete Ground Service in Tanzania
It is our core belief that the quality of guiding determines the overall excellence of a safari program. Experienced multilingual mature safari guiders, specializing in wildlife, ornithology, cultural tourism, low environmental impact tourism (Eco-tourism), walking, canoeing and photography make our Tanzania safaris an assured incredible experience. Because we understand guiding standards and its intricate relationship with accommodation experiences, professional services within the hospitality industry and beyond, and providing our services to clients who live in parts of the world where top-level service is a norm, we are the only Tanzanian Tour Company to create an independent and consistent 3-tier safari experience.

Complete Experience & Knowledge of Daily Operation in East Africa

Cross to Africa Safaris professionals spend many months of a year in different parts of Tanzania and East Africa, visiting the parks, reserves, destinations and accommodations. Cross to Africa Safaris professional destination planners are safari guides who have been in the industry for almost 15 years (combine experience). They have been visiting and inspecting the Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, ground service offerings, before recommending them to our clients.

It is with our experience and accurate knowledge of our homeland that we have the ability to understand and create personalized tailor-made plans to unimaginable places a reality. This benefits our clients as we take into account various factual operational and feasibility factors unknown to first time and limited-time travelers to East Africa.

Because we have a personal  interest in the reputation of our services in East Africa, it is in our best interest to make certain every possible care is given to all aspects of your trip. Your genuine satisfaction with the services you receive is also reflected on the overall image of the East  Africa destinations we offer. We also make every effort to go above and beyond the rest: no tailored program is a challenge; no realistic budget is a limitation; no detail is too small. Our simple goal from these personalized services is to provide the right guidance and service the first time around.

We structure out company motto around our life motto. We believe we are on this planet for these reasons:

  • To experience, explore, and discover
  • To learn
  • To have fun
  • To contribute, and
  • To savor every moment

This is what we believe in life, and we don’t think our safari experience should be any different. We would like people to be able to appreciate and enjoy Tanzania fully, including its wild life and culture. We support a sustainable business practice to minimize our impact on the environment, and to support the East African people as much as possible.

We are not a huge company, and we have no desire to become one. We are a small company which gives us the opportunity to give all clients dedicated services which they deserve, both inside and outside the country.

  • No middle men
  •  you communicate directly with us, and we are the ones providing the on-ground service in each country in East Africa too. We are there to pick you up once you arrive in Tanzania, to guide you through your entire adventure, and to see you off.
  • We’re there from beginning to end
  •  all included! We will work with you to design the perfect itinerary for no extra cost.  We are also here to answer all questions and concerns, and we even help find the right airfare- Just ask!
  • Personalized Service
  •  Not every safari is right for everybody. We all have different interests and our goal is to make sure you get to do what you want to do and see what you want to see. We don’t believe in generic safaris; we would like to work with you to create a meaningful and worthwhile experience.
  • Satisfaction-Oriented
  •  Since we have a small client-base, your satisfaction is critical to us. We are constantly striving for new ways to improve our service and your enjoyment. We take a personal interest in providing you with great service. You don’t work with a secretary or any other third party; you work directly with us who are providing the service on ground!
  • Specialize
  • We are a regional specialist which means we know everything about Tanzania. We are not a jack-of-all trades which often results in poor quality. Our specialty is Tanzania and this allows you to get more out of your safari.
  • That Extra Touch
  •  If your luggage arrives late, we will make sure that once it arrives it gets to you whether you are on safari or on the mountain. Mark special events with a cake while camping!
  • 24-hour assistance
  •  While on safari, you have a 24-hour access to our lines in the New  Zealand and Tanzania.
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