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Rwenzori Mountains

Mount Rwenzori National Park is one of Uganda’s most popular safari destinations, particularly for hiking safari tours.

Mount Rwenzori National Park is located on the DRC-Uganda border. The mountain ranges provide support for the Nile River’s glaciers. Mount Rwenzori National Park is adjacent to Virunga National Park.

The mountain encompasses an area of approximately 130 kilometers in length and 70 kilometers in width. The park is divided into six massifs by deep gorges and includes Mount Baker, Mount Speke, Mount Emin, Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi di Savoia, Mount Stanley, and Margherita peak, the mountain’s highest peak.

Mount Rwenzori national park’s vegetation cover varies from tropical rainforest to Alpine Meadows. The peaks are covered in various species and varieties of tall heather.

Mount Rwenzori is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the eastern Democratic Republic of Uganda, near the Virunga National Park.

Birding is possible in Mount Rwenzori National Park, which is home to a variety of birds, including sunbirds, robins, barbets, and more than 300 bird species. Additionally, there are black eagles, owls, Rwenzori Turacos, and bearded vultures.

When you visit Mount Rwenzori National Park, you can participate in the cultural encounter. Enjoy a cultural experience as you travel to the Rwenzori Mountains and discover the farming village of Ruboni, which is home to over 2050 Bakonzo who live in the Rwenzori foothills. You’ll learn about their daily lives, beginning with animal care. You’ll meet blacksmiths, storytellers, healers, basket weavers, and performers of music, dance, and drama.